Friday, November 30, 2007

Not a Compliment

It occurred to me that people steal words and twist them. Bad people who have been identified with negative terms always try to turn that term into a positive. As an example, it used to be bad to be labeled "a thug" or "a gangster". It used to be insulting to be called "sexy" or "wild". The easiest way to stop feeling guilty for falling into a class of people is to render powerless the derisive terms that surround that bad behavior that made you feel guilty in the first place.

The term "Bible Thumper" is not a compliment. It was never meant to be a good thing. The two lesser-known brothers of this term are "Bible Basher" and "Bible Beater". All three of these are terms that suggest a violent zeal that is not meant to heal or correct. It is important that they remain negative terms because they define a very dangerous, unchristian behavior: any fanatical, patronizing, and hypocritical zeal that is all about defeating the intended victim for his own good.

Bible thumpers are Christian thugs who demonstrate that they know nothing of love, peace, patience, gentleness, or self control. They really do exist in large numbers and they are a legitimate reason that nonchristians often site for why they despise the church. Bible thumpers always want to defend themselves by saying the term is unjustified, but the behavior of Bible Thumping is counter productive and sinful. It damages the credibility of all Christians and pushes people away from Christ. It can never be justified.

I would know: I used to be a Bible Thumper.

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