Friday, November 30, 2007

How to be a Heretic

I have observed that there are three sinful axioms that are common to all false doctrine. They are necessary for false doctrine to thrive and spread. At least one of these three must be followed in order to fall into error and stay there. Most of the time, they are all embraced simultaneously with equal zeal and determination.

It is my belief that true unity in the church will be impossible until Our Lord Jesus Christ returns in glory on the Last Day and destroys these three devilish axioms forever.

Here they are:
1. Never let the authoritative voice of Holy Scripture get in the way of a good dogma or practice.
2. Never let the authoritative silence of Holy Scripture prevent you from making stuff up.
3. Never let Holy Scripture stand on its own; always be ready to explain or comment on what it really means.

Despite the plethora of bad doctrine out there, these are the only three causes that I have ever found. They make up the giant, red editor's pen that fallible people use to "correct", "clarify", or "contribute" to God's already perfect revelation. These axioms are the undiagnosed driving force of the Mr. Fix-its of the church who feel the need to make the faith "more powerful", "more effective" or "better" than what the Bible says that it is. It seems that these principles secretly lie at the heart of all error and heresy.

If you know of any others that I should look out for, please clue me in.

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