Friday, November 16, 2007

The Danger of the Echo Chamber

The echo chamber of our mind can be a very dangerous place. If we spend too much time in there by ourselves, we can become deaf. We lose our objectivity. We lose our ability to perceive things honestly. We no longer appreciate the value of constructive criticism.

To a narcissist, narcissism feels like reality.
To a rationalist, reason sounds like divine truth.
To an emotionalist, emotion feels like the right path.
To the fantasist, fanaticism sounds legitimate.
To a legalist, the Law sounds like it offers meaning and life.
To an anarchist, discipline is always oppressive.
To a liberal, moderation must be a conservative viewpoint.
To a conservative, moderation must be a liberal viewpoint.
To sinful man, the clarity of God's Word is confusing and complete foolishness.

We become our own tyrants. We enslave our own souls and bind them to error with the chains of arrogance and ignorance. Far too often, we fail to diagnose our own spiritual illnesses.


Eric said...

I suspect the Internet helps expand and reinforce the "echo chamber". You can always find others who will share, validate and even celebrate your "echo". :)

Mike Baker said...


Would you also say that the reverse can be true? Can the internet serve to expose people to alternate views and thus break the echo chamber open and let in a little fresh air?

I tend to believe that the Internet is fairly neutral in character. It has been used to serve both good and evil; truth and error.