Thursday, July 22, 2010

Discernment Pop Quiz

Alright... get out your #2 pencils. Pop Quiz.

Question 1: Based on what is presented on the front cover, is there a problem with this book? Why or why not?

(This is one of my favorite practical application questions to spring on unsuspecting confirmands who wander too close... hehe...)

Note: Before someone accuses me of judging a book by its cover or suggests that I am taking this book title out of context, I will include part of the author's blurb about the book. In his own words:

"My goal in writing The Hole in Our Gospel was to confront people with the implications of the faith we profess. The Christian faith was never meant to be some tame anesthetizing tonic meant only to soothe our souls; no, it was intended to be a medicine so powerful that it could challenge the legion of social illnesses that plague the human race – poverty, alienation, hatred, corruption, apathy and injustice." [my emphasis added.]

I guess this is what happens when CEOs are allowed to write theological books. Did you notice that it won a "Christian Book of the Year" award from somewhere? Lord have mercy!

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