Monday, September 15, 2008

Why This Will Work - Part 4


To quote Jon Lovitz, "Do I detect the foul stench of self-esteem?!"

Perhaps in this case it is the foul stench of optimism. That vile optimism is rearing its ugly head again. Sometimes optimism is regarded as the worst heresy in the church. After all, how can we have hope when so many bad people make so many bad decisions all the time? Game over! Game over!

We have much more fun speculating about synodical schism and another theological dark age of mediocrity and woe. It is the sweet narcotic of hopelessness that absolves us of our individual responsibility to work for a brighter future.

Go over to Steadfast Lutherans and check out this optimistic article by Pr. Klemet Preus.

That's two LCMS Lutherans who are firmly in the "we can do it" column [the titan that is Pr. Preus making up 1.75 of the current count and myself adding the remaining 0.25].

HT: Steadfast Lutherans

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