Saturday, August 3, 2013

An All-Encompassing Nature

"The Spirit of the Lord fills the world;" (Wis 1:7) "where shall I go from Thy Spirit or where shall I flee from Thy presence?" (Ps 139:7) The prophet says:  "I am with you, says the Lord of hosts... My Spirit abides among you." (Hag 2:4-5)  If wherever God is, the Spirit is present also, what nature shall we presume Him to have?  An all-encompassing nature, or a nature confined to particular places, as we have described the nature of the angels?  No one would say the latter.  He is divine in nature, infinite in greatness, mighty in His works, good in His blessings; shall we not exalt Him; shall we not glorify Him?   I reckon that this "glorifying" is nothing else but the recounting of His own wonders."

-St Basil the Great
From On the Holy Spirit

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