Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christianity: A Message of Salvation to All People

Christianity is a message of slavation to all people. Christ is a friend of the lame, blind, sick, possessed, widowed, alien, rejected, outcast, heavy-burdened and especially children.

Not only does Christ reach out to these people, He encourages everyone to see themselves this way. From various passages we find that who wish to come to Him are to consider themselves sick and powerless. Then they must take up their cross and be like little children. They will be aliens and outcasts.

So--knowing this universal truth about being a Christian--it becomes really easy to spot the false teachers. All you have to do is find the people that insist that you have to be more than that to really get to the meat of God's Word. When someone is having to do philosphical gymnastics to explain to you why the clear meaning of the text as it would be plainly read by a child is not what Scripture really means, odds are pretty good that you have found someone who is missing the point and is probably deceived. Odds are pretty good that when you find a person who takes individual passages out of context in order to have God say what he wants Him to say, odds are pretty good that you are dealing with someone who is of a different spirit. After all it was Satan, the father of lies, who offerred the first philisophical commentary that perverted God's clearly stated Word when he spoke to Eve and asked, "Did God really say....?"

You need special training and skills to teach Christianity properly and be a shepherd, but you don't need to be a philosphy student to understand it's universal message: the unmeritted forgiveness of sins on account of Christ by His death on the cross so that all who believe might have eternal life in heaven.

Anyone who tells you different is being too smart by half.

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