Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Called the Gospel, People! Look it up!

My dear Roman Catholic and Protestant brothers and sisters... I'll say this one more time:

Christ does not enter your life and make you holy so that you can work to become pious in order to find favor with God and earn heaven. Christ alone is holy. Christ alone is pious. Christ alone has found favor with God. It is Christ who has given you salvation and heaven as a free gift.

You didn't deserve it back then, you don't deserve it now, and--no matter how hard you may try--you won't deserve it in the future. Just get over yourself!

Those works that you are doing now are not for God (because He doesn't need your help) and they are not for you (because your redemption by Christ is already complete). These good works that you are doing are done out of love of God to help and serve your neighbor. They stay here on earth where such imperfect, temporary things belong.

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