Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crashing the Table Talk Party

So I get to my living quarters and press play on my favorite Lutheran talk radio program with a game show theme... and lo and behold, they were reading my email on the air! :P Thanks guys! I'm flattered and overjoyed that I was able to brighten your day.

Let me take this moment to plug their show. Go check them out right now here. And if you like the show be sure to check out their Table Scraps extra programing... it is pure gold. Oh, and donate to them because this program is providing an important service: a light-hearted, simple presentation of Lutheran theology.

I am more than happy to provide the text that they read on the air for your reading enjoyment. If you want to know the context that prompted this email... you are just going to have to go listen to the show! :P


Greetings Most August and Pious Iron Preacher, Pastor Bryan Wolfmeuller,

Shepherd of the Most Fortunate Flock of Hope Lutheran Church of Aurora Colorado,

Stalwart Defender of the true Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Beloved Son of the Missouri Synod,

Slayer of Heretical Teachings and Apostates,

Frequent Theological Contributor to the Lively Discourse on Issues, Etc,

Friend and Brother to all Who Meet Him,

And Bold Confessor of the Book of Concord,

...and to his lowly and humble seminarian co-host,

Grace and Peace from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I just donated to Table Talk Radio for the Johann Tetzel Fundraising Drive. I wanted to know if my Table Talk Points could be given to some of my already deceased family members. Deep down, I feel that they need my points far more than I ever could since I live a good life, go on pilgrimages, and donate to your radio show. Since I am so pious, such points would be wasted if granted to me. It would only make sense to give these valuable points to others. If earning Table Talk Points for the dead is possible, please forward my points to the appropriate divine offices in purgatory thru the dedicated communications network located in the pope's ex cathedra bunker at the Holy See. If it is not possible to grant points to the dead, please forward my points to some pitiful sinner in need of the comfort that the points earned by my works will bring them. Thank you....


Hehe... good times. :P

Keep up the good work and keep cranking out informative, entertaining programs!

Oh, and if you know Pr Wolfmeuller, I'll give 1,000 points to anyone who introduces him as the "Stalwart Defender of the true Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" etc, etc, etc, dear listener.

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Elephantschild said...

I just added Table Talk to my rotation of shows - I'm a big Chris Noseboat/Fighting for the Faith fan, and I usually pick and choose thru the Issues Etc. segments. Yes, it's true. I don't listen to ALL of Issues, Etc.

I'll listen for your email on TTR!

PS Two other guys I know who were deployed last year had the same frustrations with the "general Protestant" services. Barf.