Friday, February 15, 2008

Remember Who We Are Dealing With

Justice does not negotiate with evil. She is not interested in polite diplomacy with mass murderers. They have nothing to discuss. She does not call the enemies of international peace "friend" nor invite them into her home for dinner parties. She does not pretend that she has anything in common with evil.

She also does not run from evil. As she has for generations, Justice will not stand idly by and permit evil to triumph over the innocent. She seeks out evil and crushes it. Justice brings evil to account for its actions. With unshakable resolve, Justice ensures that good men and women can live in peace with their children. She is the mortal enemy of despots, terrorists, murders, and thugs. The oppressed from every corner of the globe tearfully embrace her.

Al-Qaeda has been and continues to be pure evil. Their agenda continues to be written in blood. Now, they are kidnapping mentally handicapped women and using them as boobytraps to blow up innocent civilians in market places. I am disgusted and enraged.

Justice demands that this organization be stopped. The depth of their depravity knows no limit.

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