Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Evolution of America's Dynastic System

Here is a thought that is having our founding fathers spin in their graves as we speak:

1980... Vice President: George H. W. Bush
[1981... my birth year]
1984... Vice President: George H. W. Bush
1988... President: George H. W. Bush
[1990... the 2008 first time voters are born]
1992... President: William J. Clinton
1996... President: William J. Clinton
[1991... I become a legal voter]
2000... President: George W. Bush [The son of a previous president]
2004... President: George W. Bush [The son of a previous president]
2008... Democrat Presidential Canidate: Hilary R. Clinton [The wife of a previous president]

Scary Thought: There are people who can legally vote this year who have been ruled by executives from only two immediate families. For my entire life, there has always been a "Bush" or "Clinton" in the #1 or #2 slot. Politics aside, if Hilary is elected to even just one term, we will have had Bush-Clinton Presidential regimes for 24 consecutive years... nearly a quarter century (move over Castro, we're catching up!)

Did we really leave our kings and queens behind? Do we now just give them the tacit okay to assume their throne?

Are there no other qualified individuals in this vast and great country? Really?

I am shocked that this does not come up in converstation more often. Orwell was right: we are all sheep.

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Anonymous said...

I dunno, Obama's looking like a pretty good spoiler, barring any Clinton skullduggery.