Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long Overdue!

***Warning!  My Own Private Opinion Follows!***

Pastor Harrison, President of the LCMS, announced on Issues, Etc that the synod will be ending its joint chaplaincy commitment with the ELCA.  In my personal opinion, this is long overdue.  We needed to make our chaplaincy effort consistent with the altar/pulpit fellowship policy of our church body.  I am sure that the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" drove the majority of this decision, but it should have been made even if the possibility openly homosexual ELCA chaplains was not an issue.

As a service member who is a member of the LCMS, I stand whole heartedly behind this decision.  It is hard enough to get quality Lutheran chaplain support.  It is even harder when the quality of ELCA chaplains has been -- quite frankly -- rather poor in my own personal experience on several occasions (with the exception of one ELCA chaplain who I met at Ft. Hood as we both were passing through mobilization).  I will be charitable and not share any of my "horror stories" on my blog.

In contrast, I have yet to meet an LCMS chaplain that is anything short of exceptional.

The LCMS is losing very little by this move.  It is good to see the synod standing on principle on behalf of its members who are in uniform.

***End of Private Opinion***


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

This has been my experience concerning joint campus ministry set ups as well.

Dan O'Day said...

Good thoughts here. Very true. Chaplains seem to be hit or miss in general, not just with Lutherans.