Monday, July 18, 2011

There was the True Light Which, Coming into the World, Enlightens Every Man.

You know that you have finally communicated the gospel in its full sweetness when...
...the person you are talking to interrupts you and says:
"What? Wait... that's it? .......well then what is the point of trying to be good if everything has been done for me already by Jesus?"
Praise God who tears down barriers and the false edifices of fallen man through the power of His pefect and eternal Word!
...And what deeply profound conversations that question leads to! Great fun. Nothing encourages me more than to see the Spirit going about His profound and mysterious work.

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Mike Baker said...

Now before I get the comment or the email, let me clarify.

Luther rightly points out the Scripture teaches that Justification belongs in heaven and Sanctification belongs on earth. So when we talk about good works being of no use we are talking about before God.

Now before men, good works obviously count. Actions have consequences. If you keep your nose clean you stay out of jail. If you have a reputation for being generous, you gain reputation and credit. Good business work brings great success. Rewards go on and on.

...but these rewards are in full. What you see is what you get. The "Book of Life" is not karma tracking ledger.