Monday, May 2, 2011

So a Lutheran, a Calvinist, and a Roman Catholic run into each other at a tobacconist...

...and have a heady theological conversation that ruins the atmosphere. Sorry, the title was not the set up for a really great joke. It's just a typical Friday.

Here's an excerpt as presented from my memory:

Me: "Listen, God doesn't grade on a curve."
RC: "Oh yes He does!"
Me: "Be ye perfect as My Father in heaven is perfect."
RC: "......"
Me: " looks like that curve is infinitely straight and infinitely high."
Calvinist: "hehe...."

If you guessed that the Roman Catholic then brought up the topic of Purgatory you win!

If you guessed that the Calvinist later shifted the covernsation away from Purgatory then wanted to slam prayers for the dead using purely philosophical arguements, you win again!

If you guessed that they both wanted to talk about the Joint Declaration on Justification, you win extra credit! :P

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