Saturday, January 31, 2009

Elation Gives Way to Disappointment

So, imagine that you are in a place that is seperated from your synod for months and months. Imagine that you may have to face the fact that you will be lucky if you are able to receive the Lord's Supper a half dozen times this year... and that it is a long way off from now.

Imagine that you are in a place where the mormon church is classified as a "protestant service" and the wiccans seem to have more religious support than you do.

Now... in that regretable situation, you finally locate a Lutheran chaplain nearby. Sure, he's not in your synod so the Lord's Supper is out, but at least there is a minister that shares your confession of faith. What good news! Imagine the hope that you have when you find out he conducts a weekly church service and that your schedule will enable you to attend.

And then the chaplain tells you, "It is not technically a Lutheran service but it will look very familiar to Lutherans."


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