Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Displaying Absurdity by Being Absurd

1. I have decided that the world is not round despite all evidence to the contrary. Sure I have believed that the Earth is round all of my life and I have seen all of the photographic and scientific evidence that proves it, but I have to go with my conscience. It would be dishonorable and dishonest for me to pretend that the world is round when I no longer believe it to be such. Yesterday, I told my young niece that the world is flat. My sister called me a fool and forbade me from teaching her child such stupid nonsense. It is shameful that my sister talked to me like that. I have no idea why she got so upset. She actually told me that I should have my head examined and questioned my sanity. How dare she! It's almost as if she cared more about her "round-earth" opinion and the education of her child than my feelings. *sob*

2. I understand that the Roman Catholic Church was doing alot of bad stuff, but it was just shameful of Martin Luther to air out all of that dirty laundry the way that he did. Nailing things to the church door? Really? Has he ever heard of polite discourse? Sure I disagree with the way the Pope of that time was running things, but what was really shameful was the way that Luther went about trying to fix the problem. He called people names and made everything so public. That was something that should have been handled internally. He ridiculed people for being wrong. And then people who agreed with Luther wrote all of these documents saying the same things instead of correcting Luther for his aggressive tactics. I don't blame the Pope for kicking them all out after he caused so much trouble. What's worse is that Luther is treated as this hero for telling the truth the way that he did. The real honorable guy was Pope Leo who followed his conscience and got the money together to build such a pretty church... but it was kind of wrong to cheat so many poor people to build the pretty church.

3. Sure I wish that the LCMS would do a better job of keeping people in line with the Lutheran Confessions, but what is really bad is how the Lutheran Blogosphere does all of these personal attacks on people who are just trying to do a good job of running the synod. There are much better ways to voice outrage and you have to admire the leadership for having the integrity to stand by their convictions. Take the removal of Issues, Etc as an example. Of course I disagree with the removal of such a good program, but you have to admit that it took alot of guts to take a stand against all those people who wanted it put back on the air. Did you see how some of the staff was vilified? Standing by your decisions in the face of heated opposition... now that takes integrity! What would have been really unfortunate is if the decision makers had kept it on the air after they decided that it should not be on the air. They need to be true to what they think is right. In the end, I hope that everyone gets over their problems and that God Blesses the synod as it moves forward without Issues, Etc on the air.

4. I know that alot of you have problems with ABLAZE!, but you have to admit that the hearts of the organizers are in the right place. Don't you think that we should just let them go about their business and see what we can do to fix our own congregations? After all, if we were doing our jobs in our individual churches, the synod wouldn't have to resort to questionable tactics and doctrine to reach lost people. Who are we to question their methods when we have so many problems?

...I would do more, but moral relativism and political correctness make me want to go barf.

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