Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cold is Relative

As Americans huddle in their heated buildings and complain about the cold snap that is gripping most of the country, let us not forget our Soldiers who are currently at work in the snow-covered mountains of Afghanistan. They make daily sacrifices for their beloved country so that we don't have to. spending the Christmas holiday out on patrol where they are exposed to, not only the prospect of deadly enemy fire, but also the winter cold from the turret of a freezing armored vehicle instead of staying safe and warm back in the States watching college football.


Christopher D. Hall said...


Noticed your (relative) blogging absence and just wanted you to know I miss the ARR. Post again soon, will ya?


Mike Baker said...

Pr Hall,

Thank you for your kind words. I am going through a busy period right now. I am transitioning jobs and about to take a newly formed position within my unit. Until the funding gets released for the position, I am virtually unemployed. To be honest, the traffic on this website (according to Google Analytics) has fallen off considerably since the middle of December. I figured I could get away with a slow down in the posting.

I am working on a few items to post, but nothing worth reading. I will post soon.