Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AAR: Daily Meditation and Study

Okay, it is time for our first After Action Review. The floor is open for comments, complaints, observations, and suggestions.

The topic under review? Daily Meditation and Study. Where is everyone at when it comes to regular prayer and the study of Scripture?

This is one of those critical disciplines that we all neglect at one point or another. I hear people comment all the time on the difficulty of staying on track. It is like trying to keep a New Year's Resolution Diet. Every urge of the flesh is working against the regular study of Scripture. We have to face time management, mindset, and distractions. We can all agree that this is an area where improvement can be made. As Advent approaches, how can we jump start Christian discipleship?

Where are the struggles? Where are the failures? What is killing our daily walk? How can we overcome these obstacles? If your daily study time is sporadic or nonexistent, let's hear from you so we can offer help and support.

Who has achieved victory in this area? Who has gone from a once a week Christian to a daily disciple? How did it happen? What advice, inspiration, or strategies can we come up with to get everyone regularly on their knees and daily in the Word?

If you are looking for resources and do not know where to start, here are some of my personal suggestions. I have test driven each of these so I can promise they are worth the investment:

For those of you without easy access to a free Bible:

For those of you without a good daily divotional: God Grant It.

For those of you who have difficulty formulating prayers on your own: The Lutheran Prayer Book and Meditations on Divine Mercy.

For my military brothers and sisters who need cheap, portable devotional help for deployments: The Armed Forces Devotional Book.

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